All Projects we work on we consider custom and personal. We always have an in-depth dialogue with the artist/producer as we aim to ensure we can provide a high quality Analog Mix. All mixes are summed in the API2448 and pass through our bus dynamics before recording. Recordings can be made via 1/4” Tape or Wav files which shall be made available via our Dropbox. It is possible to have a Wav file of a tape recording also and we can provide different speed and tape formulation options. (Clients that wish to have 1/4” tapes should discuss this as it will cost extra). You will receive a stereo Pre-Master and we usually leave quite a bit of headroom for your mastering engineer -4 to -10db.


Basic Stereo mix w/tape processing $250 per song
API 2448 Stem Mix w/tape processing $500 per song


We ask that you please provide the highest quality versions of your mixes. WAV or AIFF files at 24 bits are preferred. Dropbox/Wetransfer or other download links are ideal. No MP3s. Any sample rate up to 96kHz is acceptable.

For stem mixing pls provide all tracks dry with all compressors off and any fx recorded as a return tracks, if you wish to utilize our high quality outboard fx to replace your plugins.

We can accept Ableton Live Project files (latest version) also and this can save time. ProTools, Cubase, Logic & Reason projects are also accepted but will cost extra time.